A variety of logos that are free to use to promote GBA, the awards or event. Included is a poster advertising the student competition. Files are larger than viewd on this page and may be sized or modified as long as the identity remains obvious. Please link to

To download, right click (Mac users know what to do)
and "copy image" or "save image" to your PC.

Square Logo w/ decoration (900 X 894 px)

Wide Logo w/ Decoration (800 X 283 px)

Student Poster (11 X 17 inch - 3.9mb)


Wider Logo No Decoration (779 X 271 px)

Wide Logo Condensed No Decoration (600 X 288 px)

Square Logo Condensed No Decoration (552 X 552 px)


Official sponsors

Singha Beer Ministry of Commerce Bossotel Thailand Conventions and Exhibitions Bureau Adobe Centara