The Award


The World sees regular shifts in technology and every century there are major advancements that effect the world, but over the course of a millennium there are only a handful of inventions that literally change the course of mankind. The development of the internet and digital technology has changed the world we live in and affected every corner of humanity maybe more than any invention of any millennium.

We are certainly deeply entrenched in a digital age which in just a couple decades has become an indispensable part of everything we do. Digital inventions and innovations are being registered or patented daily and yet we may only be in the “Model T” stage of the technology. Our imaginations can only speculate how the digital age will mature.

The rapid advancement and global reach of digital technology has certainly resulted in vast changes within the advertising industry. Digital tools make ANY idea feasible and more than likely a reality. This freedom of imagination as never before, has spawned new evolutions of thinking and creativity.

The Global Best Digital Advertising Awards (GBA) was formed out of a sense of awe and admiration of the magic of what is being created with these digital technologies and is set to honor the boundless talent of these individuals and teams who are pioneering this digital age in advertising. They are truly the innovators of communication in our time. The creativity can be inspiring, the technical prowess astounding and the strategies genius.









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