I trust if you've found yourself here on the FAQ page you may have a question you are looking to find an answer to. We have tried to make the site easy to use, but it's always the case when you are too close to something you don't see it the way others do. So, if you can't find your answer here please don't hesitate to email support at info@globalbestawards.com.

When is the deadline again? August 31st, 2013 is the competition deadline for submitting you work.


How many entries may I submit? - There is no limit to the number of submissions you make.

Can I submit the same work in more than one category? - There is no limit on how many categories you submit a work to. Each entry is counted as an independent submission and charged a fee accordingly.

I do not speak English. Can I submit in my language? - You may, but you must include English translation as well. The first round of judging is national or regional, but the international judging is by judges from many different countries and English is the standard we use in this competition. Videos must have English subtitles if necessary and websites should have necessary navigation and content translated. Remember, this is a competition and you want every advantage you can.

How do I get to my profile? - if you are logged in you will notice your user name in the breadcrumb navigation just under the header. Click on your user name and it will take you to your profile page.


Click here for a gallery of step by step images of the registration/submission process.


It's in your best interest to complete all the information requested on the registration form. The information is used to administer your submission to the awards.

Company - If you don't have a company name or something doesn't quite fit please just put "None" or some other appropriate word in a field. Students add the name of your school here.

Title - Please use industry standard titles or your executive position/title.

Country - Self Explanatory, select from the drop down menu.

Province/State - When you select your country the Province/State drop down menu will automatically show the proper selections for you.

Address - Please use your physical address, no PO boxes.

City and Postal Code - Mandatory, if you do not have or use postal codes just enter 00000

Telephone, Mobile and Fax Numbers - Enter all numbers without hyphens. Include your area code or prefix - Your country code will automatically be entered when you select your country above. Telephone numbers are not mandatory, but we suggest you provide at least one contact number.

Website - Your company/studio/agency website if you have one.

Click here for a gallery of step by step images of the registration/submission process.



We have made this as painless a process as possible, but nothing is ever 100% fail-safe. Here is the basic run through of submitting you work.

Category - From the main category selections choose the one that suits your entry. This will populate the next "Media" list with the appropriate selections available.

Title - The title of the work you are entering.

Client and Publication Date - We only need the first date of publication. Entries must have been published for a Client .  Students may put the date of registration for the competition. Fraud ads will be disqualified.

URL - is important for submissions that are showing the website as the entry. It is also an alternate way to submit a work if uploading to our site is difficult. Please make sure your hosting, site, everything is working 100% during the competition.

Description - Please be as thorough as possible (you have 1600 characters which is not as much as it seems). Be precise and to the point what your work is about. It will be important that judges not have any questions what you are trying to convey. Remember they will be reviewing MANY other entries as well as yours - help them out as much as you can.

Click here for a gallery of step by step images of the registration/submission process.

Credits - List all the credits for the work being submitted. List each name and title (industry standard please) with a comma(,) between them. Up to 16 names/titles, each name and title should be on a separate line. for example:

Seiko Sato, Art Director
Frank DeVecchio, Editor
Nao I. M. Dunn, Assistant Editor

Upload Photo / Upload Video - You may upload as many images or videos as you need to display your work to be judged. Again, remember that the judges are reviewing MANY other works and having too much can be exhausting and confusing. Be selective and make sure you get your message across as precisely as you can. 

To upload multiple files, upload one at a time. Browse to find the file, Open then Upload. To upload another, just go through the process again to upload either video or photo files as often as you need. Your uploaded files will be displayed below.

The upload feature on GBA is designed to convert most standard image and video files for display on our players. Typical image files include jpeg, gif, png. Size is only limited to common sense (we don't need 3000 pixel wide), but the loader will convert all to the size we need. Typical video files include mov, avi, flv, mpeg4. Length of play; Most ad spots are 30-60 seconds, shorts up to 3 minutes.

NOTE: Your internet connection should be fast enough to handle large file uploads. If you have problems uploading your media through our upload feature you may still submit your work one of two alternate ways.

  • You may submit your work by including the URL to a website where the work may be viewed (see URL above). Be sure to note that in the description and what image or video the judge should be looking for. Make sure the url is working 100% throughout the competition.


  • You may submit your work by mailing a CD or DVD with the data files. Please contact us at registration@globalbestawards.com. We will send you further instructions. Once you hear from us, safely package and send the disc to our office. Include all the registration and submission form information on a separate sheet of paper. Mail your disc to 11-42 31st Avenue, #4A, Astoria, NY 11106.

Next - Once you've uploaded your files, the Next page will show you a review of the works you have submitted. Review your submission carefully, You may go back at this point and make any edits you like or add another submission..

Next number 2 - Once you've reviewed your submission and are happy it's perfect, the next, Next button will take you to the payment page. Here you can securely enter your payment information and Pay.

PAY - Please make 100% sure your submissions are exactly as you want them in the previous steps. Once you have paid you may neither edit nor delete your submission.

Click here for a gallery of step by step images of the registration/submission process.

If you have any questions not addressed in the FAQ page, please don't hesitate to ask us. Email to info@globalbestawards.com. Best of luck from GBA. We hope to see you in Thailand in 2011.


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