Please be as thorough as possible in filling out information, title, client, publication dates, etc. on the registration form. This information is used in GBA administration of your submissions, scores, notifications and eventually mailing your awards to you. If this is not correct or incomplete, you may not receive the awards or recognition due you. We are not responsible for incomplete or misinformation.



Remember that this is the information the judges will be using to review your submission and the information that may be on your certificates or trophies and published about you. This also should be completely accurate and complete. Check it over 2-3 times to be sure there are no mistakes. Your team may not be happy with misspelled names!


If your submission is in any language other than English, please submit an English translation of text or audio that you feel the judges should know. It is possible to upload a pdf file during submission whxich the judges will be able to review. Add any additional or support information in this file. Videos submissions should have clear, legible subtitles in English. Websites should have English friendly navigation.


The website will convert your video and image files, so will accept most standard and popular formats. Videos should be typically 30-60 second spots or, if shorts, approximately 3 minutes. Please be aware that in some countries, uploads may be intermittent and disrupted, or may be slow because of bandwidth issues. Be patient and if uploading or online submission is a problem, please contact registration@globalbestawards.com for other options for upload.


All professional level submissions (Except the Technology/Experimental categories) should have been published between February 1st, 2012 and July 01, 2013. Work must have been contracted or commissioned for a client and will have been aired, broadcast or published between the dates ascribed.

Scam Ads

In light of the practice of some to submit ads fraudulently to awards competitions in recent years, any submissions that might be flagged as suspicious will be investigated and the entrant may be required to provide proof of publication of the work.

NOTE: No Need to worry about being disqualified or banned from the competition if the work you want to submit has not been published or was not created for a client.


GBA has a special categories section, Technology/Experimental that relaxes almost all restrictions. The Wild Card category is a perfect place for any creative work that has not been published and you feel it is award worthy. As long as it breaks no international law, if you think it will WOW the judges, submit here!


Any submissions found and proven to be fraudulently entered into the competition will be immediately disqualified. Submission fees will be forfeited and the entrant may be disqualified from the competition permanently. Entries disqualified for breach of rules and policies will be published as news on the website. Please submit your unpublished or spec ads in the GBA special Technology/Experimental categories section to prevent any problem.


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